[Bards] Some Thoughts on Documentation for Bardic Competition

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Mon Apr 22 10:58:49 PDT 2002

Greetings friends:
I've documented pieces from my earliest competitions.  The bare minimum,
I'd suggest, is something which supports a connection between the piece and
our period.  Thus, a psalm, though written pre-period, obviously was
performed in period (see Ravenscroft's recorded psalm settings, Geneva
Psalter, Scots Psalter, etc.).  On the other hand, Follow Me Down to
Carlough, though composed post-period, refers to a battle fought during our
period (BTW I would not suggest using any OOP piece for a titled or
champions competition but one might use it for a 'just for fun' competition
or one that involves entertaining participants).  A third category includes
original pieces done in period style.  Here, like in static arts, I'd want
the judge(s) to have enough information to consider how well I've followed
the form.  A fourth type might be pieces from the current middle ages --
Born on the List Field, Spring Strathspey and that ilk.  This pieces at
least require attribution.  I like to add as much about the personality of
the composer as might help the auditor get a sense of their personality --
as you do so well. Excellency, with the pieces you do of Ragnar.  Beyond
that, documentation should help the judge understand as many of the
following as possible: the form; how it would have been performed in
period; if I've chosen to vary from period style and why (such as abridging
a piece to play to our sound-bite generation); accompaniment, if any; any
other information that helps the judge understand the piece and my performance.
Having said all that, my preference would be to deliver NONE of that
orally.  I'd prefer to present written documentation and perform in
persona.  However, not all competitions work that way.  For instance, both
Avatar and I we're docked at Gulf Wars IX for not doing what I would call a
'teaching introduction'  -- a mistake I did not make at Gulf Wars XI.  So.
. . know your competitions and your judges, if at all possible.  Thanks for
the question, my friend!

per pale gules and vert in chief a hand in benediction argent
semper perge eos coniciendum

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>Greetings All,
>Having gotten back from Bordermarch this last weekend, I was contemplating
>the bardic competition and something occurred to me: Very few people
>supplied documentation for their pieces. I'm curious about what the people
>on this list think about documentation for competitions and whether or not
>it should be required. (Please note that I'm drawing a separation between
>competitions and bardic circles/fires.)
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