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> Please excuse the bandwidth, but this is the quickest way to disseminate
> this information as quickly and as widely as possible.  Feel free to
> cross-post to other lists.
> To all those who are friends of Sir Badon and/or Dona Leah:
> I received word from Leah today that Badon's long ordeal is at last over -
> he is a free man.  As you know, the Supreme Court of the United States
> declared that the statute under which he was charged and convicted was
> unconstitutional.  After the usual delays for administrative and
> bureaucratic processing, he has been set free.
> I don't doubt but that he and Leah wish to spend some time alone together,
> but I believe that they have every intention of joining us at Pennsic this
> year so that Badon may see and greet friends he has missed during these
> two years.
> So, celebrate my friends!  While he can never recover the time he has
> he can regain the friendships and camaraderie he has missed so terribly!
> Maggie
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