[Bards] Knowne World Bardic College and Cooks Collegium

Tim Jennings talisman at freespace.net
Tue Aug 27 08:25:27 PDT 2002

Greetings to all,
As many of you are no doubt aware, The 2nd Knowne World Bardic College and
Cooks Collegium is only 2 months away (October 11-14/02, Everton, Ontario
Canada - about 45 minutes west of Toronto).
There are still some teacher slots left, and I would be very happy to
attempt to accommodate anyone who would like to participate as a teacher in
this event. The last time we ran this (two years back) was a huge success,
and a lot of fun!
If you would like to teach, or if you have spoken with me about teaching and
have not sent me a bio and course description, please do so as soon as
possible, along with any class notes you will be distributing. We intend to
collect all of the class notes ahead of time and bind them together as the
site token for the event!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to seeing you
all in October!
Yours in Service,
Garraed Galbraith
Co-Autocrat (Bardic College), Knowne World Bardic College and Cooks
Visit our web site at: http://ece.uwaterloo.ca/~arnora/arnora/cooksbards.htm

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