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Tue Aug 27 13:11:43 PDT 2002

Bonjour, mes amis!  A couple of people have asked me
to post the winning* entry from Elfsea's Fools' Court,
which had the theme of "mud", to commemorate
Springfaire.  I wrote this on site Sunday, so please
bear in mind that it's a rough draft.  Any and all
constructive criticism is welcome.  Merci beaucoup.

Ode to Mudfaire -- loosely to the tune of "Streets of
Laredo, by Lady Madelina de Lindesaya

As I rode out on the streets of Elfsea, I spied a
black rain cloud as dark as the night.

I was headed for Spring Faire, a baronial investiture,
so I prayed for the sunshine with all of my might.

But the gods didn't hear me, or else they ignored me,
for the rain clouds did open, and the lightning
sparked bright.

As I stepped out in the streets of Elfsea, I sank in
the thick mud straight up to my knees.

I wished for some Wellies, like Her Ladyship
Arabella's, but alas, I was mired with no rescue in

When suddenly, a fellow from Falconrose Keep reached
over and pulled me from the thick mud so deep.

By keeping off trails and walking on grass, my balance
was shaky, but I didn't fall on my --- face.

We doffed our fine linens and took off rich brocades.
T-Tunics and plain breeches replaced finery that day.

I went to the list field, a crowded pavilion, where
dozen assembled, their respects to pay.

Two leaders stepped down, then two leaders stepped up.
 The King spoke a few words, then VIVAT all did say.

Our wagon was loaded, and sank to the axels.  We
pushed and we pulled, but no headway was made.

For nearly an hour, it fishtailed and floundered, when
that lad from Falconrose Keep came to our aid.

Lord Aradon came with a band of his liege men.  They
pushed and they pulled, 'til our wagon was free.

They smiled and they waved as we pulled on the roadway
-- Spring Faire was awash, for the mud ruled the day!

*I won by default -- no one else competed!

(permission is granted for use in any SCA publication
-- MdL)

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