[Bards] Rules for Kingdom Eisteddfodd

Jay and Diane Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Tue Dec 17 18:36:22 PST 2002


Lord Antigonus Bearbait, Premier Bard of Ansteorra, has asked me to post the
rules for the upcoming Kingdom Eisteddfodd.

The tournament will be held at Steppes Twelfth Night.  The winner will
become Ansteorra's Premier Bard for the next year.  This is not an empty
title, but an honor that includes the responsibility to support Ansteorra's
bards for the next year.

Signup starts at 10:00, and the performances will start a little before
11:00.  You can continue to sign up through the end of the second round.

1. The tournament will be held in rounds.  It is a double elimination style
tournament with no pairings.  The number of rounds will depend mainly on the
number of competitors.

2. Each round, all remaining competitors will perform one piece.  The judges
will choose the top half of the pieces performed.  If you are not in the top
half, you take a first loss, but are still in the competition.

3. When you take a second loss, you are eliminated.  This allows you to have
one bad performance, or skip one round for other responsibilities, and
continue in the competition.

4. If you sign up for the Eisteddfodd during the first round, you will
perform during that round, with no penalty.  This may not leave much time to

5. If you sign up during the second round, you are presumed to have taken
your first loss in the first round, but you will perform during the second

6. You must change genres (poem, story, song, music) from one round to the
next, i.e. you may not do two poems, or stories, in a row.  You may use the
genre again in a later round.

7. Double elimination means a lot of performances.  Please be early and
ready to perform.  We cannot hold up the competition waiting for you.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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