[Bards] Golden Arrow 9

Gottfried Krimmelbein gottfried at zamigo.net
Wed Feb 6 18:44:55 PST 2002

Oh Ye Oh Ye:

This is a formal request and invite to any and all bards , bards to be and
bards wanna be's.  I, Lord Gottfried Krimmel Bein, The Badgering Bard of
StoneBridgeKeep hereby request your attendance at Golden Arrow  9 May
31-June 2nd.  It is my goal as the Seneschal and Title Bard to have 20
competitors at the Bardic Event, also I need 3 judges.  There will be
Children's competition as well as adult, so please bring your smalls and
your Talls.

Lord Gottfried Krimmelbein

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