[Bards] Steppes Bardic is coming

Donald Riney dariusobells at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 15:54:16 PST 2002

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In the Past few years on nights filled with magic bards fom around the kingdom
have gathered to compete for the honor of becoming the Steppes Bard. Once
again the time grows near. Once again the fire will be lit and the Stories,
Verse and Song shall flow like elven wine from the deep well of talant that is
the bardic comunity of Ansteorra. Each will give thier all, who will be chosen
to sing the praises of the mighty Oak, Will it be you?


Bard of the Steppes
"Besides the artist two things are to be considered in every art, -
the instrument and the audience" - Sir Walter Raliegh

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