[Bards] another Bardic practice?

Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 20:13:23 PST 2002

Hi everyone.

Well, now that we figured that that a practice can happen effectively, Im
telling everyone in the north that I would like to see another practice.
Namron was the next location I was eyeing. Don't ask why, I just kind of
arbitrarily said "hay, I think Namron would be a cool place for the next
practice". So, who out there would like to help me host a practice in the
barony of namron. Time and date are totally up to the hosting person(s). I
am at the mercy of the person with the house. However, like I said before,
if someone is willing to help, I will do my damdest to show up early and
help set up, and stay late to clean as I can. I will be a guest in you
house, but hopefully not a bother.

please, this is not limited to namron, if ANYONE anywhere want to hold
another bardic practice so that we can sharpen our skills, that we need to
get cracking now so that we can put something together. The last one we had
was an absolute blast, ask anyone who was there, I got nothing but good
reviews from the attendees and I was really impressed with the quality of
help that we were offering to everyone.

Well, if anyone wants to try their hands at this, please contact me, I would
love to help out any way I can.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Ivo_Blackhawk at hotmail.com
Member of the Liondragon Guard
Northern Regional Bard
"God Save the King!"

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