[Bards] roll call

Gottfried Krimmelbein gottfried at zamigo.net
Fri Feb 8 16:11:31 PST 2002

Unto my brothers and sisters in the Bardic Arts:

I have posted a few times to the list and for the new comers here's a little
intro of me, myself and I.

I am Lord Gottfried Krimmelbeing, the Badgering Bard.  I presently reside in
the quain quiet Shire of StoneBridge Keep (formerly known as the Incipient
Shire RiverTree, mundanely speaking in Victoria, Texas). We're nestled about
halfways in between The Shire of Sea Winds (Corpus Christi area) and the
Baronies of Stargate & WestGate and Loch Solier (Houston area).

I've been playing quietly, not all that active for 3 years.  I do enjoy
getting the audience involved in either the Chorus of a song or the aspects
of story.  Be warned I may badger you.

I have written but one piece to this juncture inspired by the Flying Fish
Sailor's song, "The Cat Came Back" entitled "The Bard Came Back".

I do not know many Ansteooran stories or songs, but would dearly enjoy
rendesvousing with others either at events or casually at your abode or
mine.  So please feel free to stay in communicado.

Yours in Entertaining Services

The Badgering Bard of StoneBridge Keep

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