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Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Mon Feb 11 19:46:50 PST 2002

Greetings fellow bards Guardian of the Tor will be June 28-30th

their will be a bardic circle for practice and camaraderie Friday night
under the Pavilion on sight

a prize will be given in court for entertainer of the day for the
individuals that entertain the populace through out the day with their skill
and art anonymous judges will be amongst the populace in the List area, A&S,
and equestrian areas

The Grand bardic Event will be after feast our current Bard Has already
Selected the format he will be using. so if you plan on competing for Bard
of the Tor start preparing now. bellow is the words of The current Bard of
Dragonsfire Tor on the competition. Please send any comments and questions
to him on the Title Bard Competition.

 I "Will Not" Be part of the competitions planning for it is my intent to
enter the Competition.

Don Llywelyn's words:
In the bardic competition, each entrant will perform one piece.  They will
be judged using the Gulf War judging form.  The form is available at
http://www.gulfwars.org/Forms/PerformanceArts.doc . There is no specific
theme.  If you have any questions, contact me at Llywelyn at Elfsea.net .

Bard of Dragonsfire Tor

Lady Simone Maurian ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net

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