[Bards] Bardi Pratice

Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 20:00:42 PST 2002

Hi everyone,

Robert, Ulf and I were talking at winterkingdom and I seems that the bards
of the north are spread out just enouigh that getting togeather for
practices with each other is difficut. This is partly because of the fact
that no one group has a high concentration of bards. Well, Mooneschadowe is
right smack dab in between Tulsa and the OKC/Norman aria.
Anyway, so I said that we needed some sort of monthly or bi-monthly get
togeather to see if we can polish up our bardic skills. So, with Lilas and I
being the mid-point, we are proposing that the meeting be at our house.

here is the plan; (or at least the first version of it)

The doors open at 7:00 PM, anyone is welcom. Bring $5 and a bardic piece
that needs some polishing.

The target date at the moment Is Friday, Feburary 1. Depending on who can
and can not make it, this date may change.

Our house is two minyutes from the Stillwater comunity center, so you can
gague your time as if you were traveling to the center. If you have any
questions, Barn, Ulf and Robert all made the trip, you can ask them about
time of travel from each barony.

Our house is small, but we try to be good hosts. If the travel time each way
is a hastle, contact us, sleeping acomidations can be made (no promiced
except for a best effort).

The idea is to have a small dinner, and we each stand up and do a single
performance and then the others take turns commenting on it. then the next
person stands up and so on...

Well, I might as well leave it at that and see what developes.

Respond, everyone, anyone, who wants to try and make this work.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Member of the Liondragon Guard
Northern Regional Bard
"God Save the King!"

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