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Serena and I would be interested in coming. She will be participating,
and I will be part of the audience. Friday nights are good for us,
so unless things change, we will see you Feb 1.

Just one question. Will this be an in-garb meeting, or are street clothes

Istvan Temesvari

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> Hi everyone,
> Robert, Ulf and I were talking at winterkingdom and I seems that the bards
> of the north are spread out just enouigh that getting togeather for
> practices with each other is difficut. This is partly because of the fact
> that no one group has a high concentration of bards. Well, Mooneschadowe is
> right smack dab in between Tulsa and the OKC/Norman aria.
> Anyway, so I said that we needed some sort of monthly or bi-monthly get
> togeather to see if we can polish up our bardic skills. So, with Lilas and =
> I
> being the mid-point, we are proposing that the meeting be at our house.
> here is the plan; (or at least the first version of it)
> The doors open at 7:00 PM, anyone is welcom. Bring $5 and a bardic piece
> that needs some polishing.
> The target date at the moment Is Friday, Feburary 1. Depending on who can
> and can not make it, this date may change.
> Our house is two minyutes from the Stillwater comunity center, so you can
> gague your time as if you were traveling to the center. If you have any
> questions, Barn, Ulf and Robert all made the trip, you can ask them about
> time of travel from each barony.
> Our house is small, but we try to be good hosts. If the travel time each wa=
> y
> is a hastle, contact us, sleeping acomidations can be made (no promiced
> except for a best effort).
> The idea is to have a small dinner, and we each stand up and do a single
> performance and then the others take turns commenting on it. then the next
> person stands up and so on...
> Well, I might as well leave it at that and see what developes.
> Respond, everyone, anyone, who wants to try and make this work.
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> Member of the Liondragon Guard
> Northern Regional Bard
> "God Save the King!"

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