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willow taylor jonwillowpel at juno.com
Mon Jan 21 20:19:06 PST 2002

I am so glad you are a story teller. There are a lot of wonderful
classical Greek stories that need telling. I am working on one about
Hector but it isn't doing to well. I wonder if we could get a group of us
together and do a walk a round or a show about the Trojan war. Master
Thomas has done some wonderful show about other subjects'

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002 13:40:05 -0600 "Brown, Charley W."
<Chass at lakewebs.net> writes:
> Ok :)
> I am Charinthalis Del Sans, I have just entered the idea of being in
> Bardic
> and story telling. In mundane life I am a published poet. I have
> been in the
> sca for over 10 years. I had a bard tell me to check into being a
> bard since
> he loved my stories for the items I am selling in my merchant booth.
> What
> can I say Imagination is such a wonderful thing. My Personna is
> Greek from
> 600ad and am a TRader extroidinare and armorer.
> Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
> Hospitaler/Minister of A&S Canton of Rundel
> Owner Dwarvenhome Armory

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