[Bards] roll call

pubear pubear at ev1.net
Sun Jan 27 15:21:33 PST 2002

Bersi Ormstunga otherwise known as Pubear.  I write songs and stories and my
latest thing is learning period songs in swedish and latin.  Latin's a pip,
ya otta try it sometimes.  I love beautiful serious sounding songs about
very odd things.  They had a ceremony for just about everything and a really
pretty song for it.   I learned a song called "Orientis Partibus".  It's
really pretty and it's about the ass that mary rode into bethlehem.   It was
part of the feast of asses.   Those who know me, can guess how I reacted to
the discription of the feast of asses.  It's strange reading the english
translation of the song and realizing the exhultations I'm apparently having
about a donkey's ability to masticate it's fodder.

I also want to teach myself how to write in skaldic style.  Want to get in
touch with my inner viking.

Bersi Ormstunga

AKA Pubear of bjornsborg
"Everything is odd if you look at it just right..."

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