[Bards] Hello?

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Tue Mar 26 16:52:29 PST 2002

His Excellency Sir Pendaran, being one who delights in all manner of the
muse, recently was overcome with curiosity and, one might gather, the need
for camaraderie with those who share in his love and passion for the
performing arts of these Current Middle Ages in this most glorious Kingdom
that hosts this gathering of the bards.  Having this curiosity and need for
fellowship, and being one to act upon his inquisitive nature, His Excellency
postulated the following for all who read these words to see:
> Is anyone out there?

Then, with the wisdom and good manners of a man of his station, he signed
his name to his inquiry.  As his name is Pendaran, and as he is a man of
honor and integrity, as well as honesty, he wrote the following word:
> Pendaran

Sometime following, one named Stephen, who most recently served His
Excellency's fair Barony for a twelvemonth under that Coronet's bardic
patronage, read these wizened words of his friend, and marveled at the
simplicity of his question, the strength of the ideal.  Is anyone out there,
indeed?  He sat in awe, agape at what was before him.  However, despite
being a man of much lesser station and, dare it be said, noble presence than
His Excellency, he slowly became aware of his slack-jawed visage, and thusly
closed his mouth lest any see him in such a state.  Apparently, this man's
mind returned to him with his tightness of mandible, and freshly resolute,
he thought of what he might say that may come close to the profundity of the
statement of his former patron, and after a time he penned the following

"Well, heya!"

Smiling, he followed in the honest and honorable path that his correspondent
lay before him, and signed his name thusly:


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