[Bards] Hello?

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Tue Mar 26 17:25:10 PST 2002

For brevity's sake, I have spared my contemporaries the need, the
obligation, the - how shall I say - chore? of reading my words, flowery
though they may be, once more.  Suffice it to say, those that have not read
them have passed over one of the more supercilient and supremely unnecessary
exercises in overstating and overglorifying the obvious presented to these
good artisans in at least the past quarter hour.

Good Toshiro of Bonwicke observed the words that I had written to my fellow
bards throughout Ansteorra, and opined in the following manner:
> Man's got to be a bard.
> Used a hundred words when one would have been sufficient.

Now I, rightfully challenged, and feeling the bond of acquitting one's self
admirably in this most public venue, am inspired to issue my response thusly
to my good acquaintance, and with these words, I raise my glass in salute to
him, and wish him every good fortune and health.  But these words, though
pretty, do not make a response to his rightful statement.  Feeling the more
pressure upon me to speak, and meaningfully, I do give this response to his


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