[Bards] Hello?

Gerald L. Norris Jr. jerryn at houston.rr.com
Tue Mar 26 22:16:36 PST 2002

First came the query, a brief reply that floated about upon the winds,
Who could be out there? Who could be watching? Would they be enemy, would
they be friend?
Then came the hesitant replys in answer, lapping like wavelets upon a
A word or two only, a patter of phrases.  Would there be none to say
anything more?
Then, from the canton of Gate's Edge a bard rose, ready to answer with gusto
and style.
two hundred and ninety-five words did he use as he answered Pendaran and
gave us a smile.

Others have already lauded this fellow, this fountain of myrth, this pile of
great .... cheer.
All those who know him do praise him for Wordsmith, holding his friendship
so close and so dear.
The challenge arose from this word-witty fellow, this unending stream of the
well-written phrase.
A challenge most worthy of bards new and old, the winner of which would have
well-deserved praise.
For this one's quite lengthy, considered factitious, and one that drives
crossword solvers to psychosis.
It's "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis".

Gerald ( who regrets that, at midnight he had little more to do than count
the words in Stephen's 1st reply, but is glad that he figured out the meter)
of Leesville.

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