[Bards] Hello?

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Wed Mar 27 06:09:20 PST 2002

My friend Charles inquired ...
> Define that, I dare you.

Usually I won't consider it until it gets to a double dare.

Then he upped the stakes, thusly:
> On second thought, the definition would probably be shorter...

Ooh, "on second thought" - the literary equivalent of a triple dog dare!!
Fine, Charles, here you go.  And you're right:
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is a very rare respiratory
condition caused by the inhalation of certain grades of fine quartz dust.
It's usually caused by extreme exposure to such dust such as a miner
receives over the years.  Last I heard there were more letters in the name
of the ailment than there were sufferers.  However, common or not, this is
indeed the longest recognized (i.e. published in a major dictionary) word in
the English language.  (While we're trudging more and more off-topic, remind
me to tell you about my artificial heart/Disney trivia next time I see you.)
Why, look there, fair adventurers!  It's a path leading back to the main
highway ... take heed, however, there's bards afoot ... and they look bored

Stephen, back to the workaday drudge

P.S.  Pendaran's gonna have fun seeing what he started when he gets into the
office this morning ... hee hee hee ... ciao!

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