[Bards] lyrics needed

DEAJAVU at aol.com DEAJAVU at aol.com
Thu Mar 28 08:22:24 PST 2002

hey! i heard that song at lilies las year, 2001. my firend and i both like it , and i know that at one time she was wanting to get the lyrics. if any one does have them, i would greatly appriciate it. also...at lilies, we met some eople int he calontir bardc encampment, Kat her mom and dad, and some other youngish teens - young adults. anywho...if any one has any info for me regarding these people, i would greatly appriciate it,a nd would be willing to pay for the info, or to do something for someone at an event...though that last sentance sounded sexual, it was not. :) thanks!

Lady Kyna Terricsdottir
Namron Ansteorra
DEAJAVU at aol.com

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