[Bards] Is "dumb" period?

kovac myklos heykovac at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 14 14:52:45 PST 2002

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I'm currently working on an original song and I want it to be somewhat period,
so I was wondering if anyone could answer this question.

In late period usage (late 16th centaury) was the word "dumb" used to refer to
someone that was silly or dim-witted, or was it only used to mean mute?  If
not, what would be a good, one-syllable period alternative.  The sentance
reads, "... His dumb brother"

I am going to try to find the word used in a primary source for my
documentation, but if anyone knows the answer to my question already, I would
appreciate the advice.

Lyrically yours,

Kovac Miklos

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