[Bards] Hammered Dulcimer/Violin

Fitzmorgan at aol.com Fitzmorgan at aol.com
Fri Nov 15 11:03:11 PST 2002

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In a message dated 11/15/02 8:49:05 AM Central Standard Time,
jhirling at houston.rr.com writes:

> Please contact me off list at jhirling at houston.rr.com if you are
> interest in purchasing either or if you know of someone who is.  To any
> who deem this an improper use of the mailing list, you have my
> apologies.  If you'll let me know what it is and come to Stargate Yule,
> I'll provide you with a small desert of your choice to make up for it.
> --ihon

       As the administrator of this list I don't consider this posting to be
improper, and suspect that several people on the list will find this of


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