[Bards] Not wanting to be presumptive

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Hey, sounds like a great idea to me. When I first got into the society, I
wanted other people to consider me a bard.  People around me would make
comments like, "Gee, I wish we had a  bard at this campsite/event/whatever",
and I would say, "Hey, Listen to me! I don't know what the heck I'm doing but
I'll sing for you or tell you a story!".

Well, the little bard that could just kept doing that until people around me
stopped saying, "Gee, I wish we had a bard around here" and started saying,
"How can we shut this bard up?"  Hey, I take that as a compliment!

So call yourself a skald, but be prepared for people to ask, "Sing me a song",
or "Tell me a story".  And enjoy every minute of it!

For the Dream,

Kovac Miklos
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>Subject: [Bards] Not wanting to be presumptive
>Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 17:42:09 -0500
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>Still considering myself a fledgling in the Society, and with bardic arts,
would it be presumptive of me (asking fellow performers with more experience
and wherewith-all), to submit a name such as
>Gottfried der Skald?
>Yours in Service,
>Gottfried Krimmelbein (at the moment)
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