[Bards] Much Ado in Bjornsborg

Brian Martin bm3876 at sbc.com
Thu Sep 26 13:11:39 PDT 2002

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	Greetings to the list,

	As Bjornsborg's Event of Heroes approaches, I would like to once
again post a special notice to the members of this list regarding what we
hope to be a special and memorable happening in Ansteorra.

	The Baron's Men (Bryn Gwlad's very own acting troupe) will be
performing William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" on October 19th,
following royal court in Bjornsborg. It is the director's and the company's
intent that the performance of this play will be a watershed in period
entertainment in Ansteorra. To that end, the production will employ a cast
of 16 players, a stage crew of seven, a raised stage complete with painted
back drop and wings, costumes created by Mistresses Ariella and Jehanne,
movable scenery, more props than we can count, live musicians playing music
documented to have been played in productions in Elizabethan theaters, all
in our "theater", The Aster. In short, we are attempting to create a true
Elizabethan theatrical experience. You may even be able to rent cushions and
purchase pippins from vendors in the crowd!

	The current running time for the play is just under two hours -
shorter than most Ansteorran courts! Space for patrons will be available in
the Aster's special seats (for those of high enough rank) and for
groundlings as well. The play has been edited and is being directed by
Master Eule von Haginbald (OL), and will star the players of The Baron's

	I sincerely hope that all can come and see this special performance
of "Much Ado About Nothing" this fall.

	Pendaran Glamorgan

	For more information about the event or the play, you may visit the
following websites:
	Event: http://rferrell.home.texas.net/heroes02.html
	Play/Baron's Men: http://www.thebaronsmen.org/

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