[Bards] Feeling Hikuey

Darius of the Bells masterdarius at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 21 04:26:17 PDT 2003

I think many of us suffer from THS (Temporary Hikue Syndrom)

Although yours seem to pick morse serious subject matter than mine (stick

Body is aching
Bruises cover my body
Fight again next week?

A knight sits laughing
A squire has not noticed
She fights a lefty

Rattan is squishy
Can not throw killing shot well
I must make new stick

The knight does not move
He thinks on a mystery
"My knees are rusted?"

The helm is ringing
The eyes they are now crossing
Now speak one word, "good"

My head is pounding
Way to much to drink last night
Must kill the herald

Squires wear a red belt
It marks them as a target
Knights will go hunting

The sky is pale blue
But wait there is a black dot
Oh crap, an arrow


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