[Bards] Poetry Exercise #10 - The Poet's Revenge

Becca ...... reva_anu at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 7 21:49:09 PST 2003

I thought about what I had for breakfast.
realise I had slept through it once again.
so I suppose I had dreams to eat
good dreams have no taste and fade quickly

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>Subject: [Bards] Poetry Exercise #10 - The Poet's Revenge
>Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 22:58:28 -0600
>In the course of these exercises you have learned or reviewed several
>topics and formats of poetry.  We have examined metric forms like iambic
>and trochaic, verse forms like the ballad and verse techniques like
>chain verse, and rhyming techniques like end-rhyme and alliteration. We
>talked some of poetic imagery and kennings, and we looked at courtly
>love and the role of innuendo in poetry.  Quite a lot of ground, eh?
>The final exercise in this section is:
>Describe what you had for breakfast and how it tasted.  Use four
>complete sentences. Each sentence should have at least eight words
>Use absolutely no poetic format.  Write this without any poetry
>whatsoever. Remember that repeating rhythms count as poetry (the A was B
>but the C was D...)
>If you are viewing this email and wondering why this is an "exercise", I
>suggest you try it at home.
>My contribution (I daz ya to find poetry in it):
>I started breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage.
>With this came pancakes as well as biscuits and gravy.
>The gravy was a touch watery, but the syrup was good.
>The strips of bacon were greasy but the dry sausage made up for that.
>Ulf Gunnarsson
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