[Bards] Performance in the SCA

Martha Schreffler mot at swbell.net
Sun Jan 26 19:31:18 PST 2003

I want to thank those of you to who the time to reply
to my post. Your replies were both encouraging and
illuminating.  Performance is an interesting area of
"arts and sciences".  Most craftsmen aren't rated on
"entertainment value" of their pieces!!

I did have a final question regarding documentation.
There was a suggestion to use the form as a basis for
the documentation - any suggestions as to the number
of pages that are easiest for the judges to read while
presenting enough information?

I liked the idea of "oral documentation" being in
persona if possible.  I agree that helps to foster the
atmosphere of the piece while at the same time
educating the audience as to its origins in time.

Much of what I sing is of the Child collection folk
variety.  Unfortunately he only documents a small
portion of his work as pre-1600. Purely instrumental
pieces haven't been a problem as there's a wealth of
pieces with documentation.

I think the bottom-line is "judge what's appropriate
for the situation" and enjoy yourself!

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