[Bards] Anyone out there? Anyone?

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Hello Thax,

My name is Pendaran, and I am the baron of Bryn Gwlad. (Well, I'm the baron
for a few more months, anyway.) We have an extremely active group here in
Bryn Gwlad that includes many active guilds. While we don't currently have a
bardic or European music guild, there are several musicians in the area,
many of whom can be found at fighter practice when the weather is nice.
Please email me privately at the address given with this message, and I'll
be happy to put you in contact with some of the musicians and performers in
the group.


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> Hi! I'm new to Bryn Gwlad and though I hear rumors of troubadours in this
> barony somewhere in the fringes, I never hear about meetings, or sessions
> exchanges of music or nuthin'. So, then.... are there any active players
> Bryn Gwlad? I have a minuscule skill and am looking for an reason to
> practice.
> Thax
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