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Kevin Valliquette megrimulf at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 01:23:19 PDT 2003

> Her Grace Willow wrote:
> > I am afraid I wasn't being totally honest with you
> before. What I said
> > was true, but it is also true that I perform
> because I am a Ham. Give me
> > an audience and I will perform. I go to
> competitions because there is a
> > caught audience. 

And Ulf wrote: 
> Hear! Hear! Let us hear it for an honest woman!  I,
> too, am a Ham. 
> Without the soothing strains of applause, my mind
> turns in upon itself,
> digesting small bits and disgorging poetry like
> yeast feeding on the
> sugars, finally pushing the cap off in an explosion
> of gasses that expel
> me from my underwater lair in search of Herot and an
> audience.
> Oh. Wait.  That wasn't me.  That was someone else.
> Anyway, I'm a ham too.

And I write:
I resemble that statement.  Oh, I see the looks of
mock surprise and hear the sarcastic "oh, no, not you"
from those of you who know me... *lol*

--Genuine applause junkie and not ashamed to admit it
:D --

"all humor is offensive to somebody--if you do a joke,
somebody somewhere will find a way to be offended."

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