[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

Marie Adams marie.adams at visionoflove.net
Wed Jul 2 10:14:10 PDT 2003

My favorite of my own original pieces is actually a story, not a song or
poem, mostly because I'm not that good at writing either songs or peoms.
I've never written an SCA song, and only wrote one poem when I was 16,
that could be considered SCA-usable now. My story is called "The Chest,"
and it's about a young man named Dominic who finds an enchanted
treasure-chest who will only give him any treasure when he wants to give
part of it away. But when he dies, his home in the afterlife is made of
every bit of gold and jewels, that he ever gave away, so he kind of gets
it all back.
My 2 favorite pieces by other SCA bards are "Norse of Course", a
Seuss-style poem by Raven Qaraton, and "The Viking Song" by Guunbjorn
Gunnarson; because both are hilarious and because I love filks.

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 Fitzmorgan at aol.com wrote:

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>        Time for a new topic.
>        What is your favorite song or poem that you have written, and why is
> it your favorite?
>        What is your favorite piece that another SCA bard has written and why
> is that your favorite?  If you cannot just pick one try to keep it to 5 or
> less.
> Robert
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