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Gottfried Krimmelbein gottfried at zamigo.net
Wed Jul 2 10:45:23 PDT 2003

My fellow Bards,

First of all I'd like to invite you all to come to Golden Arrow IX Sept. 26-28 to be hosted by StoneBrdige Keep (Victoria, Texas) www.geocities.com/stonebridgekeep

Also I am seeking 3 Bardic Judges for the competition -- any willing Bards to take this up please notify me.

Secondly I'd like to get your thoughts, opinions and insights on  running Title Bardic Competition.  Here are my thoughts.

Primary Objective to entertain the masses and have fun.  

Second Objective to get as Many Bards to come and participate, be they renowned or not so renowned.

Dilemma: When during an event to hold Bardic.

If held during the day there's little participation due to other events going on and the masses don't get to hear.

If held during feast, hard to judge, and often interruptions.

If held at night, then Bardic winner not announced during court and there by given just recognition -- not that any bard seeks recognition (no none of us are hams)

What are your thoughts on this?
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  I mostly sing. I do some poetry too. I am trying to improve my poetry and stroytelling.


  willow Taylor <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
    Dear fellow Bards

    I am a new question. What do you perform in the SCA?
    I have been a story teller for most of my life. When I was ten I set up
    a story telling booth next to my girl friend's lemonade booth and made as
    much money as she did. When I started in the SCA I wasn't a performer. I
    was an organizer and an autocrat. I didn't really start to build my
    persona until I was in Ansteorra. When I started to work on my historical
    persona I realized that entertainment is part of the role of a person in
    the middle ages. Everybody did something. The gentle born were suppose
    to do more. People entertained themselves and it would of gotten really
    boring if everybody didn't perform . Who was that Saxon cleric who prayed
    to God to help him out because when the horn was passed to him he could
    not think of anything? As I advanced in the SCA I beca! me a patron of the
    bardic arts. In history you will find many nobles who did things like
    that, Robert of Normandy and Richard the Lionhearted. They usually
    participated in the art form. So my performance are part of my living my

    Willow de Wisp

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