[Bards] A taste of my poetry

Marie Adams marie.adams at visionoflove.net
Mon Jul 7 10:18:45 PDT 2003

About your "Though Not of Gold" poem, I really liked it; it seems like the
kind of piece that stays with you all day, once you hear it. Just
wondering, though, I've mostly heard bards perform much longer pieces at
competitions; does anyone think very short pieces are just as acceptable?
Lady Serena Dominicci

On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Little Dancer wrote:

> As for my choice of piese numbers...
> I agree with Grimulf... Two contrasting pieces with a third for tie breakers...
> Here is a small taste of my original poetry... I have not mastered comic poetry yet so most of mine are on a serious note... Please, tell me what you think (Good and bad)
> Although it is not mine to give
> because I have none of it by name
> what soft splender suprises me
> and erupts my soul to flame
> If it were mine, I'd give it thee
> so take it sir, alas
> protect it well
> though not of gold
> this heart of worn and tarnished brass.
> It is one of my shorter pieces... I have longer...
> The Gypsy Brenna O'dempsy
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