[Bards] Re: Short pieces (was A taste of my poetry)

Kevin Valliquette megrimulf at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 01:20:40 PDT 2003

My favorite example of a short piece that packs a
punch is Master Ragnar's "Battleskald."  What more do
you need?

But in general, I'd agree that short pieces stand less
chance of doing well in competition.  Still, to follow
up on Robert's point, I'd rather hear that short piece
that leaves me thinking "is that all?" than a long
piece that drags on and on and on and on and ... 
There are far too many of those around!  Some of them
are marvelous to read, but when performed they get
rather ...  tedious would be the polite term.


--- Fitzmorgan at aol.com wrote:
>        For a circle a nice short piece is acceptable
> and often welcome.  I do 
> think that in competition if your piece is very
> short it really needs to pack 
> a lot of punch to be memorable.  There is a risk
> that just about the time 
> they are getting into a piece it ends.  So a short
> piece needs to grab the 
> audience immeadiatly.  For a competition a Sonnet is
> about the shortest thing I will 
> do and I consider them to skirt the edge of being
> too short. 
>         A competitoin piece needs to leave an
> impression with the judges that 
> will last through the other performances to the
> point where they choose.  
> This can be done in a very short piece but it takes
> more skill.  
>        A poem, song or story should be as long as it
> needs to be to 
> accomplish whatever you are trying to accomplish,
> and no longer.   The trick is 
> realizing when you have reached that point.  
>       Still in most cases too short is better than
> too long.   
> Robert
> P.S.  I don't know who said it but one of my
> favorite quotes is,
>         "I apologize for writting such a long
> letter, but I didn't have time 
> to write a short one."   
>        That makes perfect sense to me.  It's much
> easier to write a long poem 
> than a short one.  
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