[Bards] A Lady's Freedom

Jane Sitton lymadelina at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 10:23:38 PDT 2003

My dear fellow bard,

I am touched and honored anyone would care to memorize
it, let alone perform it.  Feel free, as long as you
credit me as the writer.  I do have a tune for it, and
would be happy to teach it to you at Lughnasad or
Defender if you make those events, but feel free to
invent a tune of your own liking if you prefer.  I
think it invokes a minor key, myself, but that is just
my opinion.

WOW!  I'm glad I posted the poem.  I hesitated at
first, thinking it a so-so first effort at something
that long.  You've made my day!


--- Marie Adams <marie.adams at visionoflove.net> wrote:
> My Lady Madelina,
> Would you object to anyone performing this piece, or
> would you like to
> consider it only your own? With your permission, I'd
> like to memorize it
> and perform it sometime (giving you credit for
> writing it of course), but
> if you'd rather I not, I would understand.
> 	Serena

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