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>> I like the idea, Finnacan, but Edstedfodd [I doubt I got the spelling right,
>> but all this Welsh is GREEK to me -- um, maybe I mis-spoke. ;) ] seems to
>> have taken up residence at Steppes 12th night the past few years.  I have no
>> idea what Pendarin intends to do with it, but the event is so centrally
>> located, and draws enough people that the competition does well there, I think.
>> But, I love the idea of exchange immensely.  I just don't want to have to make
>> the choice of watching the competition or hanging w/ the other bards and
>> exchanging stuff.
>> Just a thought --
>> (Yes I do have them from time to time)
>> Tiggy
>> PS -- Wow, I haven't seen the bard's list THIS hopping in ages.
>       I believe that Pendarin said that he wants to do Eisteddfhodd at
>Candelmas.  So I guess we need some sort of Bardic Fix for 12th Night.

Well, in that case, it sounds like a great deal of fun.  Didn't we get a note on here about a certain DONIA offerint to orgainize it?


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