[Bards] bards website

David Seguin dseguin at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 7 16:25:58 PDT 2003

Do you want your own bardic webpage, through no effort of your own???
 Just send me some bardic stuff, and then a picture, so that people will
be able to recognize you in time to get away :-P.  Speaking of which,
tiggy I need a picture of you.

Also, if you have any research pieces, send those also, so that I can
put those up also.  Again, to those people who have sent stuff in the
past.  I am going through my archives and putting stuff up.  However, if
you have it in a word document, would you mind sending it again?

If you haven't seen the website, just go to bard.ansteorra.org.
Currently it is in a very simplified state, since I'm concentrating
mainly on getting content on the site, but I will be working on
spiffying it up.

thanks for the endorsements,

called pubear

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