[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

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       Thank you.  Yes I wrote the Wabbit.  I've pretty much resigned myself
to the fact that if anything of mine is remembered when I'm gone it will be
The Wabbit or Drunkards Weird.  I still like to perform it after all these
years.  William Blackfox was the first person to perform it at a convention where
he was one of the filk guests.  He had a musical accompanyment.  I still have a
recording of that.
       Maywren's Song blew me away the first time I heard it.  It's a rare
treat to get Lucais to perform anything these days.


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>         What is your favorite piece that another SCA bard has written and
> why
> is that your favorite?  If you cannot just pick one try to keep it to 5 or
> less.
>    I can keep it to four. The first that springs to mind is Karielas song
> (not sure if I spelled that right) written by Iolo. I like it enough that I,
> like
> many others, have filked the tune. I also love Ulf's "Harald the Herald",
> which is a piece I like to follow with "Bells". Finally, I have many vices
> and
> guilty pleasures, Fitzmorgan's "The Wabbit bewongs to me" is one of them.
> Yeah,
> I'll admit it. At least, I THINK Robert wrote that. It would be my guess in
> Ansteorran Bardic Trivia.
>   Finally, if you ever get the chance to hear Lucais sing his tribute
> "Maywren", settle down and soak it in. Be aware, however, that you may be
> hard
> pressed to ever hear him sing this piece. I have little doubt that it is
> extremely
> painful for him to do so.
> ~Finnacan

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