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>In a message dated 6/5/03 11:48:42 PM Central Daylight Time,
>Fitzmorgan at aol.com writes:
>        I've only heard about half of those you listed.  I have been to two
> events this month where we fell into performing "The Old Stuff".  Some songs
> hadn't heard in a decade and some songs I had never heard.  I keep thinking
> should pick a Central event and spend a day just teaching one another some of
> the old songs that are seldom heard anymore.
> Robert
>  You heard him, ladies and lords, a bardic forum. A place to learn and
>record and trade pieces with no competition whatsoever, preferably in the Central
>We could bring refreshments and written copies of our works, the old
>classics, whatever, and exchange them.
>I vote Steppes 12th Night. It could go on all day, giving performers time to
>do other things, visit, attend to business, whatever. Hopefully, we could find
>a sideroom or an area out of the way of the main hall for this.
>This doesn't have to be anything formal and should certainly not interfere
>with the autocrats activities.
> Is this a ridiculous idea, is it possible, or is it genius? No matter, it's
>all Robert's fault!
>Robert did it!
>::runs away, pointing::

Hey, guys --

It's Tiggy.

Finnacan, that's really funny.  :)

[Please note: the following paragraph is to be read with tounge firmly planted in cheek. ;) ]
But anyway -- did somebody say 12th Night?  If I remember correctly, there's been a healthy dose of things bardic going on there the past couple of years.  I'm pretty sure of SOMETHING that happened the past couple years, at least.  (grin)

I like the idea, Finnacan, but Edstedfodd [I doubt I got the spelling right, but all this Welsh is GREEK to me -- um, maybe I mis-spoke. ;) ] seems to have taken up residence at Steppes 12th night the past few years.  I have no idea what Pendarin intends to do with it, but the event is so centrally located, and draws enough people that the competition does well there, I think.  But, I love the idea of exchange immensely.  I just don't want to have to make the choice of watching the competition or hanging w/ the other bards and exchanging stuff.

Just a thought --

(Yes I do have them from time to time)


PS -- Wow, I haven't seen the bard's list THIS hopping in ages.

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