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My only comment is that Twelfth Night is so far away. How about planning a
forum in the fall and another on at Steppes?

Just a thought...


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antigonus bearbait <antigonus at lycos.com> wrote:
Well, in that case, it sounds like a great deal of fun. Didn't we get a note
on here about a certain DONIA offerint to orgainize it?


Antonia says:
I did indeed offer to help organize, and I am at the group's service.
However, the idea was originally Eleanor/Truly's idea (if memory serves -
otherwise slap my wrist and correct me) and I will be happy to be either
chief or indian as needed.  At least 2 organizers might be a good idea.  It
was suggested that the pieces be recorded - does anyone else oppose or
support that?  If that's done, I have no idea how to accomplish it, but
Eleanor has a start in that direction.  I like the idea of a
teaching/learning atmosphere.  Either people can send me their pieces and I
can make copies or we can rely on the bards to bring copies of what they
want to teach.  I can compile a list of favorites that people have posted to
this list and contact the bards who perform those pieces to see if they'd be
willing to come teach or just perform.  Any other ideas?  Comments?


It's the little things in life...

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