[Bards] Looking for Artwork

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Thu Jun 12 21:40:52 PDT 2003

Just a suggestion;

A link to you so that we can e-mail from the web site if we think of
something while looking at it.


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> What I am looking for right now, is artwork for the website.  I'd prefer
> examples of pictures from illuminated texts.  In particular, I'm looking
> for one specific picture.  I don't know what it looks like, but it will
> fit on the front page.  It needs to be a picture of an orchestra(read
> various instruments), colorful and preferably with both male and female
> figures.  In addition, I need one more thing that appears to be the
> hardest thing.  It needs to be about 3 times wider than it is tall.  I
> want it to do a good job of filling in the white space on the first
> screen of the site.
> Near future improvements.  These will be live as soon as the ansteorran
> server is once again communicating with me.
> Tiggy's webpage, complete with picture and theoretically his correct
> email.  Tiggy, contact me.  I couldn't grab two of your pieces from you
> yahoo group.
> Links page with 3 count em 3, links.  Namely the ones recently put on
> the list.
> Darius's website.
> I'm trying to do these in the order they are given me.  I have about 3
> or 4 more.
> Grabbing breaths between keystrokes,
> bersi
> called pubear the pudding head
> Honestly, my head is full of Visual Basic and Sql pudding - Yecch!
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