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Tom Parr seamus at elfsea.net
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Greetings unto the list!

At ther Grace Willow's suggestion I am glad to be on here.

I am a rather new bard and always looking for new peices... I prefer my time period <14th century Irish>  But any new and fun peices are great.

So With this I will ask a question unto the list:

What is your favorite peice and why?


Lord Seamus O Dubhda, P.E.

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>Greetings All,
>Like Willow and Finnacan, my copy of The Tain is the translation by
>Kinsella, however I would like to recommend a novel by Gregory Frost
>entitled "Tain" (published in 1986).  Frost does an astonishly good job of
>bringing Cuchulain's adventures to life!
>By the way, I enjoyed an excellent presentation by Finnacan at King's
>College on the art of storytelling, and I hope he will continue to teach
>others.   VIVAT!
>                                         Thomas of Tenby
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>>From: willow Taylor <willowjonbardc at juno.com>
>>Subject: [Bards] Irish stories
>>Hi everybody
>>I just got a new translation of the Tain Bo Cuailnge or the Cattle raid
>>of Cooley. This one is done by Thomas Kinsella. The translators notes
>>seen to imply that he worked very hard on getting this translation right.
>>I know some of you have spend a lot of time on these stories. Do any of
>>you have an opinion on "The Tain" translated by Thomas Kinsella,
>>published by Oxford Press, 1969.
>>Willow de Wisp
>>From: TheSpatlord at aol.com
>>Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 23:37:45 EDT
>>Subject: Re: [Bards] Irish stories
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>>   that translation is the only one I use, your Grace. I used it as a
>>reference in a handout for a storytelling class at this most recent King's
>>It maintains the feel and structure of early myth while providing a
>>successful translation that easily lends itself to vocal presentation, in
>>my opinion.
>>The fact that it also provides extensive background information, pronunciation
>>guides and notes on the text concerning any additions and possible variations
>>makes this particular version of the Cattle Raid of Cooley vital to my
>>  Now, if only I can find a complete Ossianic cycle...
>>I also intend to start gathering as much material I can concerning the
>>legends of the various Irish saints. Those poor heathen Northmen are in
>>sore need of
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