[Bards] Greetings

Floyd Brigdon brigdon at tvcc.edu
Tue Jun 17 05:20:20 PDT 2003

    And already I have made my first mistake on-list.....
    I knew that Willow was a Duchess and intended to call her by that title.
I am afraid, however, that I mistyped and did not catch my error until the
message had been sent.
    I extend my sincerest apologies to Duchess Willow.... :^)

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>     Hello the list!
>     I signed up to join this group yesterday in response to a request put
> out by Lady Willow on the Elfsea list, and already I am most glad to have
> joined you.
>     In my mundane life, I teach literature courses and am an avid reader
> student of medieval literature. I have toyed with the idea of becoming
> involved with the bardic side of the Society for quite some time, and so
> this request seemed like as good a time as any to just jump in with both
> feet and do it.
>     So, please be advised that you do have something like a bardic newbie
> amongst you who would be most glad to hear any advice you might want to
> proffer about how to begin walking the path of the bard. :^)
>     Milo LeRoux
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