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Jack Dingler jdingler4 at attbi.com
Tue Jun 17 09:35:06 PDT 2003

I'm relatively new to the SCA. I've particpated in Rapier practice and
competed in bardic at my first event, 'Emerald Tourney'.

I have a background that meshes relatively well with the SCA. I've had
an interest in celtic music for more than 20 years and play can play a
few tunes on the guitar.

I was surprised that for bardic, period sounding pieces are good enough
for competition. This makes sense I suppose as pre-1700, many songs were
never written down, or if they were, not with any musical notation. It's
my understanding also that the English made an effort to suppress Irish
and Scottish music by banning the singing in gaelic, further reducing
our knowledge of music in these regions during the middle ages.

I'm still feeling my way around the SCA, and am planning to be at
Steppes Bardic tomorrow evening.

Jack Dingler
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Barony of the Steppes
Canton of Lindenwood

willow Taylor wrote:

>Do we know how many people are on the list at this time? How many
>different areas do we have represented.? Do any of you quiet people have
>anything you would like to know? We could share stuff over the list. I
>would love to be able to tell stories about what is happening in other
>areas. I have not been any where and have not seen any interesting
>things. I know Jonathan wants to heard about feats but I have not seen
>any. Ulf tale was very interesting does anyone else have something like
>that happening in your area?
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