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> Hello All,
> I was looking at our list of premier bards - and I realized there were
> several I have not met - or have not seen in years and years.
> Does anyone know if these folks are still active?
> Please pardon me if any of you are on this list and I am just too blonde
> to have noticed.
> Harald Bodvarson
> Einar of Langfjord
> Roselynde d'Angleterre
> Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gonway
> Hossein Ali Qomi
> Karina des Pensees
> Margery de Bray
> Thanks,
> Eleanor Fairchild

      Roselynde d'Angleterre I believe is currently living in Northkeep.  We
see her at  Northern events a few times a year.  I haven't seen her perform in
       Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gonway lives in Northkeep.  She gets to a few
events a year in the North.  She very rarely gets out of region.  She was one of
the judges at the Kingdom Eiseteddfhodds that Galen, Willow and Ulf won.
When we were holding regular Bardic meetings in Northkeep she would sometimes
attend.  Mundane issues don't let her play much but she is wanting to be more
active.  I'm her apprentice.
       The last I heard Hossein Ali Qomi was living in Northkeep and teaching
at Tulsa University.  He doesn't play anymore.


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