[Bards] Repertoire Expansion

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Jun 17 22:00:49 PDT 2003

Her Grace wrote:
> region have not heard it. Do you think you or somebody could come down
> here and teach it? Or maybe we could send someone up to you to learn it.

The tune is by that well-known inspiration of many ancient SCA songs,
Stan Rogers.  It's "The Nancy" from... Fresh Waters? I think.

A good set of the words can be found at:

The first battle mentioned was Pennsic 13, and as I recall it includes a
couple more Pennsics, an Atenveldt war, and a war with the Middle.

As for the tune, I'll be glad to sing it to anyone interested.  Or buy
Stan's album.  You might even find a sound clip on the Internet


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