[Bards] Classes Needed for King's College!

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Mon Mar 24 18:16:31 PST 2003

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Hi Folks,

It's my pleasure to run the bardic "track" for King's College this year. In
that capacity, I need to organize the bardic classes for the college.
Therefore I'm looking for volunteers to teach various performance classes. I
need to fill the equivalent of seven 45 minute slots (some classes can be
longer) and would like to cover a variety of topics and experience levels.

Some examples of class topics are:

*         Singing

*         Musical theory

*         Poetry

*         Acting

*         Story telling

*         the history of types of performance (such as Elizabethan theater)

*         Dance

*         Anything else that you can think of

If you'd like to teach a class, please contact me by April 20th at:
twinoak at cox-internet.com and tell me what class your like to teach, how long
the class would be and the experience level. King's College will be held in
Bjornsborg on the weekend of June 13th-15th.


Pendaran Glamorgan,

Premier Bard of Ansteorra


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