[Bards] Request for files

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Tue May 6 05:32:50 PDT 2003

We do have the files that Simone very graciously supplied, but we are
looking for still more original works from Ansteorra's bards.


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Do we still have all the files Lady Simone had on her list or is that

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 08:11:39 -0500 David Seguin <dseguin at sbcglobal.net>
> The college of bards site is up, in it's rudimentary form.  Currently
> we
> are seeking material for the website.  We are looking for both
> original
> pieces and research material.  It is the goal of this site to have a
> large amount of research material for bards to utilize.
> In regards to originals.  If you send me a picture, a writeup on
> yourself, and some original pieces, I will produce a web page of
> your
> material.
> As far as research materials, if you would look at the website and
> also
> give me an idea of what category it should go in, that would be
> appreciated.  It saves me time, and speeds the process up.  In
> short, if
> you want to see it on the website, send it to me or pendaran, and it
> will be so.
> lord bersi ormstunga
> called pubear
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