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> Oh, goodness, no!  Imitate lots of things if you must, but not my VOICE.
> Seriously, it's an excellent poem, Robert.  It's easy to write a piece
> praising fighters, because a fight is inherently a story -- it has a
> beginning, a middle, and an end. with suspense and action.  Praising workers
> (or artists) is *much* harder, and I'm glad to sse it done well.
> Perform this in Elfsea, late at night around a campfire, when Rosalia and
> her friends are all present.  It's the kind of poem that can bring us all
> together.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

       Thank you very much.  It was actually one of the easier poems I've
written, though a suggestion from Master Ihon improved it considerably.    I had
to remove a really good line to fix a structrual flaw.  It felt out of place
when I wrote it and when Ihon commented on that same verse not fitting with the
rest of the poem I knew it had to go.  I'll have to try and work it into
something else.


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