[Bards] Writing Poetry (Long)

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Thu May 29 11:50:36 PDT 2003

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> I find it interesting that you write at events - the thought never occurred
> to me 'till I talked to you at Warlord.  I'm normally so rushed that I
> barely have time to think, much less write.  But I think I'll try it sometime
> soon.  If my muse will oblige me.

       That's at least part of the reason I've written so little recently.  I
almost never write at home.  I just can't get into the right mindset and have
too many distraction ready at hand.  I can sometime write at a park, but
almost everything Ai write is written at an event.  Lately I've had trouble
finding the time at events to sit down and write.
       I went through a period where almost every bardic competition I
performed something I had written that day on site.  I was happy with the poems but
the performances lacked polish.


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