[Bards] Breezes do...

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Sep 9 20:35:02 PDT 2003

Gerald wrote:
> That should read "Breezes do carry,"

...when attempt to correct:

> > Beautiful Banquet,
> >  bounty untold.
> > Beef on the brazier,
> >  beer nice and cold.
> > Baked bread aromas,
> >  breezes do tarry.
> > Benevolent servers,
> >  big platters do carry.

Actually, I liked "tarry".  It followed logically from "aromas", as if
the aroma of the bread were lingering to tantalize one like a remembered

And Esther wrote: 
> At my friend's suggestion, how about Bard's Belching Ballads?

Tell you friend "I heard that!"


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