[Bards] Poetic Exercise #3

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Wed Sep 17 04:53:22 PDT 2003

My heart is often captured by thy grace,
Thy gentle wit does oft my heart beguile.
My joy is boundless when, with smiling face,
You sit with me and sing a song a while.


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> For bardic exercise #3, write four lines of iambic pentameter.  The
> subject should be an "unattainable", such as your Queen, a knight, or a
> church figure.  It should be expressed in terms of courtly love.  Talk
> of their beauty, their grace, their wondrous physical attributes...
> whatever.  It doesn't have to outright declare your undying love, but it
> should at least hint at the potential inclination.  Your current
> significant other is not allowed.
> Remember that this is for fun, and that we play at the Middle Ages
> here.  Don't take any of the answers posted here as serious love
> letters.
> Ulf Gunnarsson
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